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Heating homes without gas – the Nordic way

Nordic Horizons How Denmark and Sweden heat homes without mains gas

None of Scotland’s Nordic neighbours depends on gas for heating – but 85% of homes in Scotland do.
Why the big difference? How did Nordic nations jump the green heating hurdle & should Scotland fix its energy crisis by installing district heating like Sweden and Denmark – or go electric like Norway?
These were some of the big climate questions tackled by Nordic Horizons speakers, in our COP26 Verdict event, held straight after COP26 in November 2021.

This 50 minute podcast of the COP 26 – Nordic Verdict event tackles all these big questions with contributions from Viktoria Raft, a former energy journalist and co-founder of the gender equality network for women in energy, Kraftkvinnorna; Tore Furevik, Professor in physical oceanography at the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen and director of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre. Keith Baker, a Researcher in Fuel Poverty and Energy Policy at Glasgow Caledonian University & member of the Energy Working Group at Common Weal …. and Søren Hermansen, Director of the Energy Academy on Samsøe – the small Danish island that won UN climate leader award for 2021 at COP26.
The event was chaired by journalist and Nordic Horizons Director Lesley Riddoch, who co-edited this podcast with Chris Smith.

COP26 - Nordic HorizonsViktoria Raft, is also a member of the Nordic Energy Equality Network, NEEN.

Tore Furevik, is a previous NH speaker – see a short video of his views on climate change in 2017

Søren Hermansen Director of the Energy Academy on the small Danish island of Samsø is also a former NH speaker. Hear his presentation about Samsø –

Dr Keith Baker is also a Co-founder of the Energy Poverty Research initiative and an Associate of 100% Renewable UK.

Lesley Riddoch is a journalist and Director of Nordic Horizons

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