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Climate Change

Climate Change – the View from Norway

Climate Change in Norway - Nordic Horizons

Climate Change – the View from Norway – Digital Notes

Professor Tore Furevik delivered an interesting and engaging presentation at the recent Nordic Horizons event. Despite a number technical challenges, we have assembled a range of digital artefacts which capture the event.


Here is a copy of his full presentation. You can download here.

Vimeo Video Resources

We have video footage of the whole event from Democracy TV which you can view below;

We also recorded a short interview with Professor Furevik before the event and he outlined the main topics of his presentation.

Climate Change – the View from Norway from Nordic Horizons on Vimeo.

Soundcloud Podcasts

Here are the Soundcloud recordings of both the main presentation and the Q&A session. The challenges of the Scottish Parliament make the audio quality variable – apologies.

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