PODCAST: NATO membership for Finland & Sweden – the end of Baltic neutrality??

This podcast was produced after a fascinating online Nordic Horizons meeting in March 2022, eight weeks before the Swedish and Finnish premiers announced their intention to join NATO. It explores their fears about Russian intervention during the accession process when both states might be vulnerable to attack, their reasons for not originally joining NATO along with neighbours Denmark and Norway in the 1950s and fears that a change in US President might make NATO a less stable long-term bet than it currently appears. Nordic Horizons ยท NATO, Nordics and Russian Aggression Our speakers – 3 Nordic experts and one Scot discuss opinion polls suggesting most Swedes and Finns want to join NATO and predict whether that will happen. They consider how well Nordic non-alignment has worked for 7...Read More

Beyond NATO

Beyond NATO – Event Details Norway is a member of NATO, Finland is not. Does that single fact produce radically different thinking about peace and security in the two nations? Or does more unite the Nordic neighbours who are both members of the Arctic Council and other alliances, both reject nuclear weapons in their waters, share outlooks on neutrality and the importance of non-military peaceful activity? How did the experience of World War shape the outlook of these two countries in the sphere of international relations and what is the right size for their defence forces? Defence policy in an independent Scotland was a controversial and divisive issue during 2012. Can the defence strategies of Nordic nations usefully inform both Scottish and UK debate?And how does the international ...Read More

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