Month: March 2015

People Power : Towards Equality Through Technology

People Power : Towards Equality Through Technology For those of you fortunate enough to be at the “People Power – Towards Equality Through Technology”; you were able to hear the inspiring Uffe Elbaek in person. On this page we have included the audio recordings and a short video interview.  His presentation in person was stunning as he recounted his journey from activist to starting a new political platform in Denmark. As a gifted public speaker, he held the Nordic Horizons audience wrapt. Men sitting in an office, a coffee pot and a young woman with the ambition to invade the Soviet Union (but with no plan) are the unlikely starting points for this inspiring story. Uffe explains his personal journey to becoming an MP and what happened next. He also talks about the future...Read More

McHorizons – Oslo 10 March 2015

McHorizons from Nordic Horizons on Vimeo. As part of the Nordic Horizons mission to engage, we ventured to Oslo to talk 'social enterprise'. Susan Aktemel, the social entrepreneur and founder of 'Homes for Good' spoke to an audience of housing specialists drawn from the private and public sectors and academia. It was a lively interactive meeting and this short video gives a flavour.

Uffe Elbæk – the video interview

This is the video interview with Uffe Elbæk of Alternativet who talks about politics, building a new party, trust and Borgen. His full presentation to a sell out Nordic Horizons audience is still available as two audio recordings on our Soundcloud channel.


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