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People Power : Towards Equality Through Technology

People Power : Towards Equality Through Technology

People Power : Towards Equality Through Technology

For those of you fortunate enough to be at the “People Power – Towards Equality Through Technology”; you were able to hear the inspiring Uffe Elbaek in person. On this page we have included the audio recordings and a short video interview.  His presentation in person was stunning as he recounted his journey from activist to starting a new political platform in Denmark. As a gifted public speaker, he held the Nordic Horizons audience wrapt. Men sitting in an office, a coffee pot and a young woman with the ambition to invade the Soviet Union (but with no plan) are the unlikely starting points for this inspiring story. Uffe explains his personal journey to becoming an MP and what happened next. He also talks about the future and what he hopes to achieve based on moving away from ‘the illness of old politics’. His recipe for the new political platform is thought provoking.



Vimeo Video Resources

It was an exceptional event and these recordings are full of the atmosphere and information – please enjoy and share widely.

This is the video interview with Uffe Elbæk who talks about politics, building a new party (Alternativet), trust and Borgen.

Soundcloud Podcasts

For ease of listening, we have broken the audio up into three separate tracks – in the first section “From Actor to MP” , Uffe outlines the background from ‘Front Runners’ to becoming a MP. In the second section, “How to create a Political Party”  he talks about the reasons which led him and others to consider a different path. He speculates on the importance of being attractive, flirting and dancing in politics. He also outlines the values based manifesto of the new platform of Alternativet; the Alternative.

Finally, Uffe also talked briefly about the role of entrepreneurship and the various models – this short section, “Types of Entrepreneurs” galvanised the audience.

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