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Norway, independence, social democracy and Scotland’s referendum

Norway Independence and Scotland - Nordic Horizons

Norway, independence, social democracy and Scotland’s referendum – Event Details

Norway, independence, social democracy and Scotland’s referendum” organised by Nordic Horizons and the Public Policy Network Øivind Bratberg is a post doctoral researcher at the Department of Political Science, University of Oslo. His primary research interests include social democracy and the Nordic model as well as British party politics and devolution. Øivind is co-author of The Nordic Model of Social Democracy (forthcoming at Palgrave, 2013) and runs the British Politics Society and newsletter in Oslo University He’ll be looking at Norway’s evolution through devolution and independence into the social democracy it is today and drawing parallels with Scotland.

Nicola McEwen will respond — Co-Director, Institute of Governance and Senior Lecturer in Politics specialising in comparative territorial politics and public policy; devolution and multi-level governance; nationalism and the politics of national identity.

The venue is Lecture Theatre 175 in Old College, Edinburgh University – 20 June – 6-8 pm

Norway, independence, social democracy and Scotland’s referendum – Digital Notes

The meeting was a huge success and thanks to all involved. Jenny Marra MSP for hosting, Oivind Bratberg of Oslo University for presenting ( his speech  is available for download here. ) , Nicola McEwen of Edinburgh University for responding, Lily Greenan has supplied extensive meeting notes which can be downloaded here. and Rhona McLaren supplied the photo. Lesley has blogged about the event here. An audio recording of the event is available below.


As those who were there know, this meeting was recorded.I have edited and posted two separate sessions. The event lasted over two hours. So, the first audio file contains the presentations by Oivind Bratberg and Nicola McEwan ( Duration 34.52 – Size 24 Mb) . The second audio file is the Question and Answer session ( Duration 1:18:58 – Size 55 Mb) .

Download the Bratberg and McEwan Presentations

Download The Q&A Session

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