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Equality / Local Democracy

New event announced “A world heading towards equality – through technology”

"A world heading towards equality – through technology" 

Committee Room 2 , Scottish Parliament 5th March 2015 6pm 

Speaker ; Uffe Elbæk MP 

Sponsor ; Jean Urquhart MSP 

Chaired by journalist and NH Director Lesley Riddoch 


Uffe Elbæk is a Danish MP, initiator of the entrepreneurial green party the Alternative and former culture minister. He's an entrepreneur, writer, activist and motivational speaker. Uffe Elbæk founded the school for innovative leadership, Kaospiloterne, (KaosPilots) in 1991, which inspired the creation of several international schools in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. 

In July 2010, Elbæk founded the consulting company Change The Game focusing on leadership training skills, political campaigning and social innovation concepts. Elbæk has also served as academic adviser for the School of Creativity in Hong Kong. 

During the last 30 years he's been a vital part of Danish cultural life through his many committee memberships and has co-written several articles for the Guardian’s Comment is Free. 

In one last year he wrote; “The old icebergs of state and corporation are dissolving into a fluid sea where action only becomes meaningful in concert with others. The waves of change demand interconnections, because we know all of us together are smarter than any one of us on our own.  

Today the world and our ability to shape it is literally in our hands. We can criticise, disrupt, collaborate and share at the touch of a few keys. Transparency and accountability rule. We rule; but only if politics changes too. For the new rules of this epochal shift go with the grain of a good society precisely because in a flattened world, we talk and participate as equals. That's why the post-1945 social settlement could never hold, because it was built on well-meaning but hierarchical institutions.”


Event Ticket Arrangements

Places are free but must be reserved on Facebook or by email to Dan via We’ll confirm places via Facebook message or email (and let those who have registered too late know they’ve been unsuccessful). General info & new speakers will be posted on our Facebook page and website  Please keep checking there rather than sending individual emails – NH is a small, self-administering, volunteer-based group with a list of new meetings to arrange. Thank you! 

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