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Kiruna / Regeneration

Moving Kiruna: A community reinventing its city

Moving Kiruna - Nordic Horizons

Moving Kiruna: A community reinventing its city – Event Details

Krister Lindstedt, Architect SAR/MSA, Partner, White Arkitekter

Chaired by Lesley Riddoch

Supported by the Scottish Government

8 March 2016 – 18.00 – 20.00

Scottish Storytelling Centre

High Street Edinburgh

The city of Kiruna in the north of Sweden is about to undergo one of the biggest urban transformations of our time. Due to land deformation caused by mining activity the entire city must be relocated approximately two miles east over the course of the next century. The relocation is a huge challenge, provoking anxiety and anticipation among the 18,200 citizens. But it is also an unparalleled opportunity for Kiruna to transform itself into a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable city.

White’s competition winning vision for the transformation project, financed by the mining company, aims to create a sustainable model city that is less dependent on the world market for iron ore. The new Kiruna will offer residents a better place to live whilst transposing the character, familiarity and sense of place of the Kiruna they know.

Is there anything Scotland can learn from this painstaking consultation to make sure big strategic changes to towns and cities are properly considered and gain popular support?

Krister Lindstedt has 30 years of experience as an architect and urban planner. His strategies are always underpinned by thorough research and citizen dialogue, which is key as Lead Architect of the master plan and the sustainability strategy for the transformation of Kiruna.


Following a sold out Nordic Horizons meeting, here are the meeting notes. You can download Krister Lindstedt’s fascinating powerpoint presentation, you can listen to the whole presentation and view a short video interview with Krister Lindstedt.

Download Krister Lindstedt’s presentation here.

Vimeo Video Resources

Krister Lindstedt from Nordic Horizons on Vimeo.

Soundcloud Podcasts

Here is the audio recording of the meeting starting with the introductions from Lesley Riddoch Director of Nordic Horizons

Here is the recording of Krister Lundstedt of White Arkiteker

Finally, there was a reply from Neil Baxter of RIAS and a spirited question and answer session – the audio recording is here

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