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Is the Arctic safe in Nordic hands? – A Date for Your Diary!

"The world in 2050 will be radically different from today. Northern countries – notably Canada, Russia and Scandinavia – will rise at the expense of southern ones."

So says Laurence Smith whose book "The New North" has been a bestseller.

Nordic Horizons invites you to hear more about the reality of change in the Arctic with Rune Rafaelson, General Secretary of the Kirkenes-based Barents Secretariat.

The Arctic contains fish stocks, breeding grounds & huge supplies of oil and gas. Can the Norwegian government exploit them without harming the environment. Rune outlines Norway's ambitious plans to develop people, assets and energy in the High North with loads of projects to connect with neighbouring Russians and create a new dynamic cross border Arctic region. His vision for the Arctic contrasts with Scotland's weary acceptance of inevitable decline in our own remote areas.

But recent oil finds north of Hammerfest and the opening of a new North-East passage for shipping (due to global warming) create an eco-challenge for the Norwegian govt. If anything goes wrong, nature and fish stocks for the world could be decimated. Can Norway develop the world's last wilderness safely?

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Tickets are free but must be booked when the Festival programme comes out. Please check here!

The Nordic Horizons Event , Festival of Politics, Ctte Rm 1, 26 August 13:30

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