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Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams

Electric cars in Norway have risen to a record 54% market share, making this Nordic country the first in the world where the sale of electric cars has outstripped any other type for a full year. It’s quite a milestone for January 2021 and was forecast in a Nordic Horizons event just over two years ago. There’s nothing mystical about Norway’s electric car success – using taxes and giving leccie cars traffic priority have been big factors. Read more about the latest news via

Watch the short video about Norway’s electric car strategy in the Nordic Horizons clip below. It features¬† Petter Haugneland, Communications Director, Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

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The Democracy TV live stream archive is below. It shows the whole meeting with¬†Sarah Beattie-Smith of WWF giving a response from the Scottish perspective. The audio recordings, the video of the meeting and Petter’s powerpoint presentation are all below.


Download Norway leads the European EV Market

Electric Dreams – Norway and the future of electric cars from Nordic Horizons on Vimeo.

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And the audio recordings are below.

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