Change of venue – Possible Orkney

Mike Mackenzie MSP has kindly offered to host this meeting in the Scottish Parliament, Committee Room 3. The timing and date of this meeting are unchanged – 1 May 2013 at 6pm – it is simply the venue that has been altered. More details of how to book tickets will appear here and on our Facebook page.

Possible Orkney – Nordic Scotland – Up Coming Event !

Nordic Scotland – Graham Hogg and Alex Hobday Hemma Bar  - 6pm May 1st 2013 Possible Orkney Orkney sits at a strategic location within the Northern Periphery – a gateway for the Nordic region within a global context. Possible Orkney is a large group of projects at varying scales looking at how to integrate Scotland into this Nordic region through its exploitation of the shipping, renewable and tourist industries. The presentation will include the research and reasoning for Nordic Scotland's proposals on Orkney followed by the presentation of the architectural interventions planned and a manifesto for a future Orkney, and Scotland, and their integration into the Nordic region.

Nordic Welfare – a DIY Guide – A Short Audio Precis

Nordic Welfare Event Poster After the meeting about Nordic Welfare with Profs Jon Kvist and Jochen Clasen, we have recorded a short summary podcast with Lesley Riddoch giving her report and initial thoughts. You can download and listen to Nordic Welfare – A Short Guide with Lesley Riddoch If you would like a copy of the presentation which is an excellent guide to the Danish Welfare perspective, we have posted a full copy of Prof Kvist slides here. The full audio recordings of the presentations and lively Q&A session are also available here.

The Copenhagen House of Food

  Anya Hultberg Anya Hultberg of the Copenhagen House of Food talks to Lesley Riddoch about the amazing conversion of Copenhagen's public kitchens to organic. It is an integral part of the 'Carbon Neutral by 2025 ' plan for Copenhagen. Organic food is embedded in the Eco-metropolis plans for 2015.  ( Lesley also wrote about the Copenhagen House of Food in the Scotsman here. )    Download and listen to the interview with Anya Hultberg of the Copenhagen House of Food here.  

Another meeting announced – Nordic Welfare – a DIY Guide

Professor Jon Kvist,  Centre for Welfare State Research, University of Southern Denmark Wednesday 28th November 2012 Venue: Old College - Lecture Theatre 175 (far right corner of old quad opp Blackwells on South Bridge) Edinburgh University Time: 18:00 - 20:00  

The full Pasi Sahlberg presentation

Pasi Sahlberg has kindly let us have a copy of his slides from his presentation. It’s a big file ( 3+ mb ) and you can download it here. Download Pasi Sahlberg Presentation in the Scotland Parliament 2012

The Icelandic Constitution Explained

Great meeting on March 29th in Parliament with Professor Thorvaldur Gylfason who won the highest number of votes in elections for the Commission to write Iceland’s “crowd sourced” constitution. The ICC had no elected politicians – now the Icelandic Parliament are chewing over the radical changes a referendum to approve the constitution will take place on the same day in June as Presidential elections ( boosting turnout) or later in the autumn. Thor said many memorable things during the event – not least that he thinks anyone wanting an independent Scotland should consider handing the task of creating a new Constitution for Scotland to the people and should start the process now. What follows is not the whole event but Thor’s full speech – a riveting 45 min...Read More

Notes from a lecture

Lesley Riddoch, acclaimed Scottish journalist and commentator, visited the University of Oslo on 28 February to give a lecture on Scottish independence and Nordic linkages. The event was co-hosted by British Politics Society, Norway and the students’ union at the Department of Political Science. In front of a young academic audience, Riddoch emphasised the proximity between Scotland and the Nordic countries – geologically, historically and culturally – on the basis of which Scotland may be perceived as the southern tip of the Nordic region just as much as the northern tip of Britain. The relationship with Norway may have a particular relevance when seen against the latter’s short history as an independent nation and the many shared characteristics of the two countries, such as the extensiv...Read More

Iceland’s home-made Constitution – lessons for Scotland – Next Event

Iceland has made a steady recovery from the banking crash of 2008 which saw the country placed on the UK Terrorism Register. Slowly but surely this Nordic nation of just 300,000 people has been making sure such a crisis can never undermine the whole country again. It became clear that the 1944 Constitution (written when Iceland declared independence from Denmark), needed major revision. So a group of 25 ordinary folk was elected (from 550 self nominating volunteers) to rewrite the democratic rulebook. The Icelandic Economist Professor Thorvaldur Gylfason was involved from the outset and won the highest number of votes. The Icelandic Constitutional Council took 4 months to write the world’s newest Constitution with input by e-mail and social media (2/3s of Icelanders are on Facebook) and re...Read More

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