Month: June 2015

Swedish Elections – Kristina Lemon

Swedish Elections – Kristina Lemon – Digital Notes Tuesday June 9th 2015, 6pm Speaker: Kristina Lemon from the Swedish Elections Authority Chair: Lesley Riddoch, broadcaster & writer Host : Alex Rowley MSP Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh The recent UK General Election had a ‘high’ turnout of 66%. The last General Election in Sweden produced no single party with a working majority – Swedes have used PR since 1909 and coalition government is normal. So is last year’s turnout of 85.8% – higher even than Scotland’s record breaking referendum. The turnout for the last council elections was 38% in Scotland but 82% in Sweden. How do the Swedes do it? Elections are on a Sunday. All elections (for municipal and county councils and general elections) take place on th...Read More

Is Small Still Beautiful?

Is Small Still Beautiful – Digital Notes With Professor John Bryden, Aberdeen University Chaired by Lesley Riddoch, writer and broadcaster   Edinburgh City Chambers Wednesday 27 May – 6.00pm-8.00pm Norway has 428 kommuner (councils) The average size of a kommune is just 12,000 people. In Scotland the average council serves a whopping 178,000 people. How do these tiny Norwegian kommuner function and avoid bureaucracy and uneven standards? Whatever the answer it seems they are doing something right. Turnout at elections is 64% – almost twice that of Scotland. And 1 in 81 Norwegians stands in council elections compared to 1 in 2071 Scots. The new Norwegian Government has proposed mergers which would bring the average kommune size closer to 15 or 20 thousand people. Even this...Read More


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