Month: April 2014

The Nordic Phoenix Rises – Digital Notes

The Nordic Phoenix Rises – Digital Notes Harpa and the cultural revival of Iceland Halldór Guðmundsson — Director Harpa concert hall and conference centre, publisher & biographer of Nobel winning writer Halldor Laxness & author Wir sind alle Isländer on the Iceland crash Weds April 23rd 2014 Committee Room 2, Scottish Parliament 6-8pm Hosted by Linda Fabiani MSP Chaired by journalist and NH Director Lesley Riddoch Background. The new centrepiece of the Reykjavik skyline is Harpa, a magnificent concert hall which opened in 2011 — against all the odds. In 2008 it was part of a doomed waterfront redevelopment including a 400-room hotel, luxury flats, shops, restaurants, and new bank headquarters. The quarter-built project went on hold once the financial crisis hit an...Read More

Next season’s Nordic Horizons Topics

Next season's NH (after the indyref) will be themed Renewing Democracy. Proposals for speakers are very welcome – though we have a fair rake of great surprises already. Here's one excellent suggestion. "The EU has published its a "league table" of Member State performance in Innovation i.e. who has the best "innovation system"? A good definition of innovation systems is: “ .. the network of institutions in the public and private sectors whose activities and interactions initiate, import, modify and diffuse new technologies.” (Freeman, 1987) Really its about interactions between certain parts of the public sector – higher education for example – and certain kinds of private enterprise, to generate innovation in the economy. So who is doing ...Read More


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